Gerard Way - No Shows  │ official music video

New Album “Hesitant Alien” - Landing 9.30.14

LIGHTS - Portal │ official music video 

In the throws of the ruby red river that flows
through this darkening concrete devouring ghosts that float by
I’m with them

Up in the current and taken in whole 
I’ve been struggling, strangling, others in tow
Have my eyes gone missing

Imagining sequences, playing back visions
by stereo air and fragmenting emissions,
I lost and found in.

The loneliest thing in the shape of a fist 
that I wish I could bring in this bitter abyss is my petrified heart
Still pounding

Out on the balcony reaching out to design this epiphany 
and what the sidewalks will do
Am I just

In the process, it’s the means to the end
It’s the glass bottom vessels and the depths that extends to the space
between us

If I could, I’d cut through the cables and cords 
but I’d never be able, my knifes at the table with yours

Nothing is sacred and nothing is sure anymore 
except all that you are and stand for
guide me toward your portal

Echosmith - Ran Off In The Night

They were made for each other

They knew it was right

So sick of this ghost town

So they ran off in the night

The Script - Superheroes

Coldplay discography  2000-2014

Crown The Empire - Millennia

I’ve been gone from this world for what seems like millennia

…looking for nothing short of a miracle

ONE OK ROCK - Mighty Long Fall

Crown the Empire - Machines

LIGHTS - Up We Go 

New single from the forthcoming album ‘Little Machines’

Sleeping With Sirens - “If You Can’t Hang” at the APMAs

Weezer - Back To The Shack

Take me back, back to the shack

Back to the strat with the lightning strap

Kick in the door, more hardcore

Rockin out like it’s ‘94

Let’s turn up the radio

Let’s turn off those stupid singing shows

I know where we need to go:

Back to the shack

Lucius - Turn It Around

Young the Giant - Mind Over Matter

Batman goes metal…

The Madden Brothers - We Are Done

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